How Women Entrepreneurs Flourish in UAE Real Estate

There is a great deal of misinformation about nations like the United Arab Emirates in some
corners of the world, especially considering the role of women in Middle Eastern society. One of
these misunderstandings is the success of women entrepreneurs in the Emirates. The UAE is full
of incredible opportunities for businesswomen. Dubai is a hugely profitable business location for
female entrepreneurs who want to have their own companies or properties. This is because the
business environment in the Emirates is quite conducive to the economic prosperity of women,
whatever track they plan to take.

There are many more men in Dubai than women. According to the Dubai Statistics Center,
approximately 70 percent of foreign workers are male, making women a definite minority.
Despite this, many women are finding incredible success in businesses as diverse as tourism,
hospitality, and real estate. The government has been increasing efforts, alongside leading
women in the business world, to bolster the economic position of women in the Emirates and the
Middle East at large. These initiatives are working toward ridding the world of misleading and
harmful stereotypes about the region as well as improving the economic prosperity of women in
the country. In 2017, nine out of 29 government ministers were women. Shamma Al Mazrouei is
the world’s youngest government minister at the age of 23.

The UAE is close to becoming one of the top 20 business-friendly countries in the world. This
year, the Emirates has gone from 26th to 21st in ranking. Nearby countries like Saudi Arabia and
Bahrain did not perform nearly as well, ranking 92nd and 66th, respectively. This displays the
UAE’s dedication to welcoming new businesses and entrepreneurs. Dubai, especially, is
determined to improve its business friendliness. By 2021, the Emirates aims to become the most
business-friendly city in the world and one of the most prominent locations for foreign investors.
The future of businesswomen in the UAE continues to look bright. Their success relies on the
implementation of important regulations to make the Emirates even more open for women
entrepreneurs and women-run businesses. These regulations will make the UAE a favored spot
for women looking for a base of operation where they can thrive. As these trends continue to
progress, the UAE is likely to find itself not only the strongest economy for women in the region
but also one of the most women-friendly marketplaces in the world.

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